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Cooperkatz PR

Our PR Manifesto

How Do You Define “Public Relations”?

If you answered, “pitching media,” you are correct. But that’s only one piece of a much bigger and ever-evolving industry.

01. PR

That’s how CooperKatz defines Public Relations.

Our Services

Public Relations


We are a top PR firm…but what does that really mean?

It means we specialize in securing earned media, and in storytelling through owned and paid channels. We offer corporate reputation management in a world where social media has transformed brand perceptions. We develop thought leadership campaigns that drive conversations and claim new spaces, and train clients  to communicate in fresh and compelling ways. We collaborate with marketing, advertising, and digital agencies to develop inspired,  integrated media relations strategies and campaigns. We provide crisis counseling and support. We are a strategic partner to help you navigate some of your  most impactful decisions. 

Strategy & Consulting


We understand the power of smart communications strategy, a discipline which we’ve honed over two decades in brand and marketing consulting. We help navigate organizational challenges with tools like audits and communications consulting initiatives. We empower our people to think like counselors, and we dedicate senior time and talent to every relationship.

Social & Influencers


We will set your strategy, build your social channels and manage your online communities. Or we can simply serve as your trusted counselor. We collaborate on everyday communications as well as major integrated campaigns. We build effective and genuine influencer marketing initiatives. We strategize around organic reach versus paid. And we help you understand how to measure the hard and soft metrics of digital.

Content Marketing


We believe that content is all about powerful, relevant ideas brought to life through strategic language. Whether manifesting as owned pieces on your blog or website, compelling bylines or newsletters, an engaging video presentation, a detailed white paper, speechwriting or press kit materials, or a witty hashtag campaign, our approach remains the same. We are strategists who understand that content is more than a buzzword. It’s the way you tell your story. And it’s the way you achieve your communications goals.

Event Management
& Production


Our world is increasingly digital. But there is still power in those moments when people come together – face to face – for a common purpose. Our event management team understands the significance and complexity of producing memorable events and corporate meetings that do just that. We work big or small, local or global. We are equally at ease planning an executive off-site meeting for 15, or a multi-day conference for 3,000. We oversee complex projects like exhibits or installations. And we dont just sweat the logistics. We go deep with you to strategize content and delivery. So no matter the client need or venue, we ensure that the format and feel underscore the purpose. And we make every detail sing.

The CooperKatz Studio


Creative services has always been core to our DNA. We understand that content must inform creative, and the medium must elevate the message. Our creative team brings powerful ideas to life across any channel for the greatest impact. Creative concepting. Graphics. Design. Video. Presentations. Collateral materials. Elements for online and off. We find the creative solution to reach every audience and achieve every communications goal, no matter the medium.