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May 2, 2016

Celebrating 20 Years in Business

Ralph Katz

In celebration of CooperKatz’ 20th anniversary this May, Co-Founder and Principal Ralph Katz reflects on the last 20 years in business. Could there have been a more interesting time to start and grow a communications business than the past 20 years?


Could there have been a more interesting time to start and grow a communications business than the past 20 years? Major transformations took place not only in what was happening around us that required thoughtful and strategic communication – but also in the ways we are able to receive and share vast quantities of information through scores of new channels.


Cell phones turned smart, making the migration to mobile a natural for online access. Some companies “got it” immediately, others took longer. Technology made handing over our fares and tolls more convenient – and from E-Z Pass in the Northeast, to MetroCard in the New York City transit system, to FasTrak out West, we embraced it. For transportation needs, many consumers adopted car sharing over car renting and looked for alternative ways to travel and commute, responding to calls to reduce our carbon footprint. And although some resisted more than others, everyone now shops online for convenience and as a better way to compare pricing.


During this time, a powerful new generation came into its own, making waves in every sector of our economy and culture, and giving our workplaces a different and refreshing vibe. Although not without its detractors and downsides, healthcare reform worked to expand coverage and enhance quality of care for Americans. And, more than ever, there has been a continuing imperative for our profession to weigh in and work to address the wide range of significant challenges facing our communities and the world as a whole.


With all of this change swirling around us, CooperKatz had the opportunity to play a role in many of these issues and transformations. In ways both big and small, we’re proud to say we made an impact. That’s the joy of being in a business dedicated to influencing perceptions, changing behaviors and helping bold new ideas gain broader attention. And this is precisely what we have done for the past two decades.


Nothing has been more fulfilling than collaborating with our many partners across the years to create and execute ideas that matter at critical moments in time – especially when they help reshape the way we live.


So starting today we are launching our very own “Top 20 Countdown,” offering a tip of the hat to the passion of our clients, partners and professionals who had to make sense of and react to these massive changes, month after month, in real time, over the past 20 years.


Each day we’ll tell the stories behind some of our most rewarding and influential campaigns over the past two decades. We hope you’ll stop by our new Medium page, read and reminisce with us.


It has been an absolutely exhilarating ride, and we’re still on the journey!

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