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December 20, 2016

Interview with PR Prowess

Katy Hendricks

Going into an interview for a job or internship can be a scary thing. The biggest question is how do you stand out from every other person applying for the job? Even if you don’t have a ton of work experience, you can use the interview to your advantage. Show them that you possess the skills they require for the job at hand and, did we mention CooperKatz is hiring?!


Preparing for a job or internship interview can be an intimidating process. The biggest question is how do you stand out from every other applicant? Even if you don’t have a lot of work experience, you can still use the interview to your advantage. The best way to do this is to show your interviewer that you possess the skills required for the job at hand. I’ve learned quite a bit during my experience at CooperKatz. Here is what I can pass along to other intern or entry level applicants about the interview process:


Getting the Interview:

Everyone knows that when applying for a position you may send out a hundred resumes and only get a couple of replies. The best way to maximize your efforts is to utilize your network. Even if you may not know someone directly from the company; maybe an alum works there or maybe you have common LinkedIn connections. All of these connections can help you get that foot in the door and be noticed. I went as far as to tweet at an alum I didn’t know that worked at a company that I was interested in. When I asked for more information about the position, that got her attention. The resume that had probably been sitting on someone’s desk for weeks was finally moved to the top! Seasoned PR pros need to know how to get the attention of reporters. If you show that you command this skill with enthusiasm, you will be sure to stand out.


Before the Interview:

Do your research! Show that you know about the company and about the people who work there. Get curious about what they do and write down some questions you have. Make a briefing document for yourself and check out the interviewers LinkedIn profile. The best way to stand out to an interviewer is to make a personal connection. You can see where they went to school what clubs they were in and where they are from. All of these small details are important and the interviewer will be sure to notice your knowledge and interest in the company.


At the interview:

Just be present. All of the hard work came before, and now is the time to let your personality shine through. Think about how you would coach someone in a media training session. Little tips about body language and content can make all the difference. Things to remember:

  • Make eye contact
  • Sit tall and in an open position.
  • Speak in an even tone and at a walking pace.
  • Interview them too! Make sure it is a right fit for you.


After the Interview:

Send a thank you note! Reference something unique that you talked about in the interview and show your enthusiasm. Ask them if you can add them on LinkedIn to keep in touch. The last step is to wait it out. After a few weeks go by it is acceptable to send a follow up email but do not become a pest.

Showing all of these PR skills throughout the interview process will ensure that your PR prowess stands out. Don’t forget CooperKatz is now hiring for multiple levels! Put our advice to the test and join a dynamic, creative team that enjoys working together to create award-winning programs for clients in a variety of industries.


To Apply :

Please specify the position you are applying for in your cover letter. Email your cover letter and resume to Jenni Walton at

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