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April 5, 2018

Reflecting on ALL the Women Who Inspire Us Everyday

Ralph Katz

As I reflected on the learnings from our Women Who Inspire Us March blog series in recognition of Woman’s History Month (and International Women’s Day) it reinforced how fortunate I am.


Here at CooperKatz, I am working side-by-side with a group of talented professional women on our management team who through their actions consistently express many of the qualities highlighted by the inspiring women we featured as mentors and role models.


Among the best practices and advice provided by these women in response to our questions that I see coming through among our own team are:


“…setting an example for other women… reminding them that “no dream is too big.”


“…staying relevant.”


“…never having the fear to fail.”


“…helping other people do things and achieve goals.”


“…bringing other peoples’ ideas to light and life.”


“…creating a framework that enables other people to speak up and participate.”


“…wanting people to take a step back and say, is there a better way to say this, do this; should we be doing something different?”


“…over promising and over delivering.”


“…building relationships based on mutual respect, listening and learning together, celebrating success, aligning your strengths with others, and loving new challenges…”


“…understanding (as female leaders) that our leadership is not the same as the leadership that has been considered the norm. It is no longer the hierarchical model of the past, but rather a collaborative, team-driven leadership.”


Our team is working together, taking on challenges and learning from one another to continuously reexamine our business approaches, to develop new and often bold ideas for our clients, to advance the position of women and diversity in our industry and to set an example for the younger professionals growing within our company.


Thank you to everyone here at CooperKatz, but today specifically to Anne Green, Rachael Adler, Meredith Topalanchik, Lisa Chiovaro, Kathleen Reynolds, Heather Caufield, Katy Hendricks and Rachel Braude, the strong women in our management, leadership and executive teams. You inspire me every day!


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