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American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

Reimagining how the cleaning product industry reports on sustainability


In the age of increased business transparency, corporate sustainability reports are no longer a “nice to have.”  They are table stakes. When the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) sought to reimagine the way it was communicating about the environmental progress of the cleaning products industry, CooperKatz was tapped to support a flagship effort – the association’s biennial Sustainability Report.


Showcasing advancements in sustainability

A leading organization representing the cleaning products industry in the U.S., ACI, has looked to CooperKatz to produce and promote its biennial Sustainability Report since 2013.


After launching its inaugural report in 2011, the CooperKatz Creative Services team was tapped to make the next iteration more creative and engaging. The ultimate goal was to ensure that the report stood out from the crowd of more typical corporate collateral and would catch the eye of member companies and other key stakeholders.


CooperKatz closely collaborated with ACI to design both print and online versions of the last three editions of the report (2013, 2015 and 2017). With each new rendition, our team has brought fresh concepts to the table – reimagining everything from layout and colors to photographs and hand-designed iconography. The design concepts center around bold pigment, stunning imagery and engaging illustrative elements that combine to showcase high-level data in a compelling and easy-to-read manner.


CooperKatz design work on behalf of ACI has garnered several awards over the years, including the APEX Awards for Publication Excellence (Electronic Media and One of A Kind Publication) and the Hermes Creative Awards (Publications: Annual Report and Publications: CSR).


The CooperKatz PR team works alongside our creative team to edit and streamline the written content during the design process – and then promote the report through earned and social media outreach when it launches. Coverage secured has been significant, and includes articles in publications such as Forbes, Sustainable Brands, GreenBiz and Environmental Leader.

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