ANA “Masters of Marketing”

Producing the preeminent marketing industry conference


For two decades, CooperKatz has served as executive producer of the marketing and advertising industry’s most important gathering – the ANA Masters of Marketing annual conference. As the signature event of the Association of National Advertisers, the 2017 Masters of Marketing drew over 2,600 attendees who experienced three days of high production values and engaging content that was shaped in close collaboration by the ANA and CooperKatz teams.


Marrying high-impact content with a powerful event experience

CooperKatz first joined forces with the ANA in 1996 to help raise the organization’s profile and stature in the industry through strategic public relations and communications activities. This work included bringing fresh insights, thought leadership and bold initiatives to such vital issues as measurement, behavioral targeting, direct to consumer pharmaceutical advertising, marketing to children and the agency-advertiser relationship.


One of the most significant ongoing collaborations between the ANA and CooperKatz is the production and staging of the ANA’s signature event, the ANA Masters of Marketing annual conference. This event is attended by thousands of marketing and media executives. In 2017, CooperKatz marked 20 years serving as executive producer.


Each year, the ANA Masters of Marketing conference brings together senior marketing executives to experience content-rich, professionally produced speeches, panels, multimedia, award presentations and celebrity entertainment – all expertly staged with custom sets, lighting design and graphics.


As ANA’s longtime executive producers and technical directors, CooperKatz along with DePalma Productions Inc. work with the ANA to set the agenda and shape the content – which including presentations by CEOs and CMOs of some of the most prominent U.S. corporations and advertising agencies. The team designs the overall look and feel of the conference, produces the opening video, creates the theme and speaker introductory PowerPoint graphics, and oversees all production technical planning and on-site staging. In addition, the CooperKatz team coordinates with all guest speakers to providr strategic guidance on their presentations, runs all rehearsals and serves as a liaison for major conference sponsors on their special events and presentations.


The industry vision and leadership of ANA, supported by the creative and content prowess of CooperKatz, has helped to make Masters of Marketing the one conference no senior marketer wants to miss.

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