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Spotlighting innovation in fitness and technology in the face of steep competition


For nearly 10 years, Polar and CooperKatz worked together to position Polar as a leading fitness assessment technology through an expansive partnership including: media relations, social media channel creation and content, testimonial videos, experiential events and more. Proving ourselves literally “fit for the job,” our team also organized and participated in running demos and cycling days with Polar spokespeople and media influencers.


Elevating a fitness technology pioneer

Across all aspects of our work, our team’s goal was to elevate awareness and consideration of Polar among elite athletes and coaches, everyday fitness enthusiasts and in the educational sector. Doing so required our team to consistently identify topics of high media / influencer interest and tie them back to Polar’s products and expertise as a pioneer in fitness technology. These issues included childhood obesity, the initial craze around all things “wearable,” technology as a sanctioned competitive advantage, using heart rate as a tool for reaching fitness and weight loss goals, and more.


Our team launched dozens of new Polar products; supported a school-based program aimed at educating students on life-long fitness; promoted team sports products; and raised awareness on health club-based solutions. We also executed successful media efforts leveraging seasonal sales opportunities, including holiday gift guides, New Year’s resolutions, Summer fitness stories and endurance sports seasons, among others.


CooperKatz was instrumental in helping Polar engage in social media in the U.S. We strategized and launched a Polar-branded YouTube channel and produced a series of product and software videos – as well as moving personal testimonial videos. We also provided ongoing social strategy counsel to Polar’s in-house team. Earned media placement highlights of our efforts included: The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and USA Today; scores of fitness and technology article in outlets from Men’s Health to WIRED; broadcast features on shows like “TODAY” and “CBS Sunday Morning”; and many posts by fitness and tech bloggers.

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