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Seizing thought leadership during a turbulent chapter in healthcare


Seismic shifts are reshaping healthcare in America. Policy changes are being hotly debated. Consolidations abound. New providers and technologies are constantly emerging. Payment models, as well as patients’ needs, are evolving. Which is why healthcare organizations rely on management consulting firm, Navigant, to help make them more efficient and effective in the value-based care era. Navigant has partnered with CooperKatz since 2014, recognizing the mandate to break through as an authoritative voice among media’s crowded cast of industry resources.


Amplifying healthcare industry expertise and insights

With so much industry upheaval, maintaining awareness of Navigant among healthcare industry stakeholders, including reporters, providers and payers, is a constant need – and doing so has required a nimble, creative approach.


One way CooperKatz helps clients like Navigant remain relevant in rapidly shifting environments is to position the experts as essential resources ahead of breaking news. When a Supreme Court decision on King vs. Burwell loomed (a seminal case for the future of healthcare policy and the ACA specifically), our team worked with Navigant leaders to scenario-cast implications based on either potential ruling. We identified the most prolific reporters who covered healthcare policy and reached out to them in advance with a two-part tip: 1) the decision was coming 2) and we had resources available who could provide needed color commentary beforehand or as the news hit. Then, our team waited with baited breath – and starting calling / hitting “send” on outreach emails the moment the decision was announced.


The results of identifying the issue, preparing our strategy, positioning resources in advance with reporters, and then executing our ground-game as the news broke were strong. More than 20 interviews and 100 news stories including Navigant as a leading voice in this critical news. Navigant was often the sole consultancy included in articles with a mix of provider, payer and policy-maker perspectives.


We also proved to reporters that we could be a trusted source of commentary, even during deadline-driven timeframes – a key goal we work to achieve for all clients.

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