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February 7, 2017

5 Questions with Becca Hare, Account Executive at CooperKatz


CooperKatz is looking for an Account Executive (AE)! We interviewed AE, Becca Hare, about her experience in her current role and what she’d like to see in someone who joins the team.​


CooperKatz is looking for an Account Executive! To provide deeper insight into that role, we interviewed current Account Executive Becca Hare about her experience here and what she’d like to see in the next person to join our team.


1. What is your favorite thing about being an Account Executive at CooperKatz?

We get the opportunity to punch above our weight. I have 2.5 years of experience and I’m trusted to help lead calls, have direct contact with clients, manage junior employees and lead specific projects. In addition to doing the media relations and administrative requirements of the role, I’m able to do so much more that helps me grow.


2. You interned at CooperKatz. Can you describe what it’s been like to start and continue your career here? In other words, how has working here helped you become a rockstar AE?

CooperKatz allows you to perform above your level if you’re up for the challenge. We have high expectations, but also provide the support to meet them. Our interns get a real-world experience of what having a job is actually going to be like. When I returned after graduation, I knew what I had to do because the expectations were set.


3. What’s one thing you’d like others to know about working here?

We have a very collaborative culture. A lot of agencies can be competitive, but it’s not like that here. I can go into a supervisor’s office and ask any question, no matter how small. They’ll ask me for my opinions and listen to my POV. The agency environment here is really healthy and unique for this industry.


4. What’s the best thing about CooperKatz?

I think the diversity of our client work helps you not only think out of the box of what you enjoy, but it also opens up opportunities that you didn’t even know were possible. I NEVER would have thought that I would love finance so much until I started working on Fiserv and other professional services clients. Before CooperKatz I was interning at a lifestyle brand. Now, I’ve learned that I like this complex subject matter and that this is the direction I want my career to go.


5. Any advice for those looking to join the team?

We need team members that are real human beings. We obviously want passionate, smart people but we also want nice people. I want to like my co-workers and I want them to like me, too! In an industry that’s known for putting a “spin” on things, CK is unique in that we don’t PR each other. We’re very real, and I think having team members who can be real with us is important.


To find out more about the available Account Executive position please visit our blog post.

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