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July 19, 2017

5 Reasons You Should Intern in NYC

Michael Katz

Internships provide you with a chance to learn and grow, both professionally and personally. Summer Intern, Krista Watson, chatted with some former NYC interns to find out how they benefitted from their experience interning in the big apple.



By Summer Intern, Krista Watson


Internships provide you with a chance to learn and grow, both professionally and personally. You will (hopefully) be challenged to try new things, hone new skills and approach obstacles in ways you haven’t before. And while you can intern almost anywhere in the world, spending a few months in New York City can provide you with an experience unlike any other.


Much like the public relations industry, NYC is known for being fast-paced, ever-changing and, at times, stressful. For this reason and more, it is the perfect place to learn about the profession and master the skills you’ll need to launch your career.


I chatted with a few fellow CKers – and for­mer NYC interns – about what makes an NYC internship so valuable and why you should consider it. Below is what they had to say.


“NYC is practically the media capital of the world! There are several publications that are based in New York, which makes the PR industry large here as well.” – Lindsay Jablonski, Account Coordinator


“The contacts I made in my time as an intern were crucial when looking for long-term work when I graduated. Even though I didn’t move to NYC for my first full-time position, having a NYC background on my resume gave me a leg up.” – Chelsea D’Amore, Account Executive


“New York is filled with endless opportunities to network and expose yourself to PR agencies of all sizes. Even within an agency, there’re a variety of clients to work with so you can see which type of PR you’re most interested in pursuing as a career. By narrowing down your interests to specific industries (e.g., health care, travel, consumer, etc.), you can find mentors to help you build your niche experience early on in your career. Even if you find that by the end of your internship NYC isn’t right for you, chances are someone in your network can help connect you with PR opportunities in other cities.” – Jessica Savarese, Account Coordinator


“NYC is the center of the public relations world, so starting out here gives you both incredible exposure to the field and quality work experience. I was lucky enough to start as an intern at CooperKatz, and was impressed from the very beginning by the level of mentorship and career development I felt like I experienced – even as an intern.” – Alyssa Chard, Account Executive


“Interning in the city isn’t always easy, but I think it provides the best opportunity for students to get real-world experience in one of the most competitive places in the country. For PR specifically, there’s no better place to be than in the no. 1 media market. A majority of the reporters we pitch on a regular basis are based here, which allows us to strengthen those relationships through in-person meet and greets, deskside meetings with clients or even just by commiserating about your morning commute. By virtue of being in NYC, interns have the opportunity to begin building those important media relationships early in their careers.” – Becca Hare, Senior Account Executive


As a current intern in NYC, I can attest to all of these things being true. Whether you’re still in school or a recent graduate, New York City is a great place to learn the ins and outs of the public relations industry.


And speaking of New York City internships, CooperKatz is hiring fall interns! If you’re interested in applying, email your cover letter and resume to with the subject line “Fall 2017 Internship, Your First Name Your Last Name, Expected Graduation Month and Year.”

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