CK Insights

July 1, 2010

An AC’s Best Friend


Media relations is still one of the most critical and central aspects of PR. For an Account Coordinator (AC), working closely with media for the first time can be a daunting task. However, most ACs don’t realize that close at hand, they have a constant ally and a loyal resource that will help them overcome their initial reservations and get results. What is it? The good old fashioned telephone.


Emails, Facebook, blogging and Tweeting all have their place – and certainly so within media relations. But too often today, Alexander Graham Bell’s invention gets underused and overlooked. Either because it’s quicker or less intimidating, too many PR people turn to email and neglect the personal pitch. And since reporters get inundated with email messages, it’s easy for a client’s story to get lost. Additionally, emails alone cannot create a long-standing relationship with a reporter. Picking up the phone, getting down to your pitch and compellingly (and quickly!) describing how it could play out for a reporter remains critical to placement success.


At CK, we want to deliver results for our clients and we’re encouraged to get to know reporters well in order to do that. That includes learning how and in what format they like information delivered to them. And, from what I’ve seen, a quick call can go a long way.

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