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November 6, 2009

ANA Convenes 99th Annual Conference


Today, longtime CooperKatz client the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) convened its 99th Annual Conference. With 1,200 registered attendees, it is the organization’s largest gathering to date. The ANA is simultaneously kicking off the celebration of its 100th anniversary, a significant milestone that will be acknowledged across 2010.


As the first action to mark this centennial, Bob Liodice, president and CEO of the ANA, unveiled the Marketers’ Constitution. Comprised of 10 principles to which the ANA is asking all members of the marketing industry to pledge their commitment, the Constitution is dedicated to helping ensure that the marketing industry “thrives and continues to contribute significantly to the economic and social well-being of our society.”
Here are the 10 principle of the Marketer’s Constitution:
1. Marketing must become increasingly targeted, focused and personal.
2. Marketing must build real, tangible and enduring brand value.
3. Marketing must become more effective – more creative, insightful and accountable.
4. Marketing must become more integrated and proficient in managing expanding media platforms.
5. The marketing supply chain must become more efficient and productive.
6. The marketing ecosystem – including agencies, media and suppliers – must become increasingly capable.
7. Marketing professionals must become better, highly skilled, diverse leaders.
8. Marketing must be indisputably socially responsible.
9. Marketing must be unencumbered by inappropriate legislation or regulation.
10. The marketing discipline must be elevated and respected.
Many of the calls to action in the Marketers’ Constitution clearly apply to those of us in the PR professional as well as those in advertising. We too “market,” though often in different ways and via different channels than our advertising colleagues. What unites us is that we in the PR industry, like all other marketing professionals, must hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. This is more important today than in any time in our history, given the changing nature of our clients’ relationships with their constituencies and the fluid nature of both information and communication.
And when we do reach for that higher bar, we ultimately increase the likelihood of achieving principle #10 – greater respect for the marketing industry overall.

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