Thought Leadership

November 19, 2009

Andy Comments on Driving Business in 2010

Anne Green

Check out comments from CooperKatz principal, Andy Cooper, in today’s issue of The Firm Voice, the online publication of the Council of Public Relations Firms.


In the piece titled “PR Firm Stimulus Package: Eleven Practical Strategies for Stimulating Business in 2010,” Andy shares insights on how re-launching our agency’s Web site expanded into a broader and highly-valuable exercise in reconnecting with what makes us unique – as well as rethinking how we present ourselves through all channels.


As Andy notes, we then used the most tangible result of this process – our fully re-imagined Web site – “as a way to remind people who we are, to reinforce our culture and values with them, and to remind them of, or have them rethink, our business offerings.”
Later in the piece, Andy also discusses the benefits of our active participation in industry group’s such as the Council and the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN).

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