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March 7, 2014

CK Insights: Celebrating Our Women Leaders


In honor of International Women’s Day this Saturday, we want to recognize our very successful and inspiring CK female leaders, and share their advice for young women professionals.

CK Insights is a new series on our blog featuring CK team members’ perspectives on timely topics.

Women dominate the field of public relations. Roughly 85 percent of the industry is female. Yet 80 percent of the industry’s most senior management is male.

That’s not the case at CooperKatz. And I’m happy to say that we’re not the only agency with powerful women in the C-suite. According to the PRWeek Agency Business Report, more women are increasingly taking on senior leadership roles at top PR firms.

In honor of International Women’s Day this Saturday, we want to recognize our very successful and inspiring CK female leaders. So we asked them to share their advice for young women professionals. Because the best way to celebrate the inspiring women in our lives is to learn from their example.

Here are the thoughts they offered:

Cultivate your presence and build your voice. Don’t wait for permission (and certainly don’t wait to be told!) to be an engaged participant in a meeting, an email thread, a brainstorm or even an off-the-cuff conversation. When you speak, make it meaningful and make it count. But strive to ensure that your presence registers. This is an essential element to earning your seat at the table over time.
– Anne Green, President and CEO

Be confident – speak up and make a point of using the active voice when you do! Be a problem solver – think through various potential solutions BEFORE raising an issue. And finally, be smart – dig into the subject matter at hand, but more importantly have a deep understanding of the business.
– Dorothy Sonnenburg, CFO

Be bold, have a point of view and make sure to stand out from the crowd. It’s important to make yourself invaluable to your boss and your team members. Take time for yourself. You can be a committed professional who is eager to climb the corporate ladder while still making sure that you find the time to grow personally as well. Give yourself a break. You won’t always make all of the best career decisions, but with every step, you are learning more about yourself and the kind of career you want to have.
– Meredith Topalanchik, Vice President & Director, Client Services

Embrace your individuality and use it as an opportunity to differentiate yourself in the workplace. We all have something unique to offer and it’s critical for women to showcase their talents and speak up for what they believe in. At the same time, it is important for women to promote collaboration and teamwork by building a true sense of trust and authenticity among each other.
– Rachael Adler, Vice President & Director, Client Services

Put in the extra effort to be an indispensable member of your organization. Come in early, stay late, go above and beyond at every turn. Ensure your job security by outworking your peers. Employers look for superstars at all levels – and your extra work will pay off.
– Abby Trexler, Manager, Client Services

Savor the big and the small moments. Whether it’s a major victory or what seems like a minor breakthrough at the time, don’t overlook chances to celebrate and appreciate yourself and your colleagues.
– Kathleen Reynolds, Manager, Client Services

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