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November 2, 2016

Five Tips for Pitching National Broadcast You’ve Probably Never Heard Before


Number one pitching tip from national broadcast producers? Watch the show before you pitch. Learn more about this and other tips for getting interest from national broadcast producers in our newest blog post from Account Executive Annik Spencer.


National broadcast. Almost every PR professional has a story of working day and night to land the elusive national TV segment. So what’s the secret?


I recently attended a “Meet the Media” event hosted by PRSA New York, where a panel of four producers from the Rachael Ray Show, The Chew, Cheddar and Huffington Post Live shared tips and tricks for pitching national broadcast.


Much of their insight included advice that any good PR professional most likely already follows including using a catchy subject line, spelling hosts’ and show names correctly and ensuring all hyperlinks are working. But they also unveiled some strategies that may take your next national broadcast pitch from a dud to a win:


Watch the show. It’s as simple as that. Number one tip from all producers? Watch the show. Get a feel for the type of segments they put together and tailor your pitch to mimic them.


Give them everything they might want, and more. Send along everything you can – visuals, b-roll, websites, and social media profiles. They want it all. Even if they don’t use it in the segment, more is always better. Also, here’s one insider tip: they will accept smartphone videos shots because the quality continues to improve. Score.


There is more than meets the eye. Take the Rachael Ray Show or The Chew for example. While it may seem like they only cover food, you may be surprised. Rachael Ray and the five co-hosts of The Chew all have individuals passions that they want to discuss on the show. Do some research on the hosts to see where your client might fit. For example, Rachael Ray loves dogs.


Utilize your social following. Huffington Post Live segments are all hosted on Facebook Live and Cheddar segments are hosted live every morning and every afternoon on their website, Periscope and Facebook Live. The Rachael Ray Show and The Chew normally include Twitter handles for guests on the show during the segment and aim for guests with a large social media following. Thousands of fans who follow the guest on social media equals more audience members tuning into see them on the show.


Celebs = favorite! This goes without saying, but national broadcast producers love to have celebrities on their show. But this doesn’t always mean you have to represent a celeb client. Is your client partnering with a TV actor whose new show is premiering that day? Pull in a timely event by pitching the celeb to national broadcast for the day the show premieres and have the celeb mention your client (agreed upon by the producer before, of course).


Now turn on that TV or log onto Facebook to start watching your dream national TV or online broadcast shows. If you do your research, get creative and give the producers want they want, you can land the elusive national broadcast win!

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