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June 7, 2018

Fresh Faces: Danny Cooper, Account Coordinator

Danny Cooper

Fresh Faces is a series on our blog in which we introduce new members of the CooperKatz team. In this post, get to know our new account coordinator, Danny Cooper! Danny, son of the firm’s late founder Andy Cooper, first joined CooperKatz as an intern in the summer of 2016. Now we’re happy to have him on board as a full-time employee!


1. What inspired you to start your career in PR?


I was inspired by the chance to work with a diverse range of clients, spanning so many different fields and industries. I love that no two days are the same in PR, and that I get the opportunity to learn about areas I otherwise might have little exposure to. After just a few months, I’ve become an expert in topics as diverse as focused ultrasound brain surgery and lease accounting changes. I’m excited to see what I’ll learn in the months and years to come.


2. What is one of your favorite things to do in New York City?


I’ve always loved the Met—no matter how many times you go, there’s always something new to discover. How many museums have medieval armor and Rembrandt paintings under the same roof? There’s truly something for everyone.


3. What’s your go-to news source and why?


I’m a huge car enthusiast and I try to stay up-to-date on the latest releases. I think that a lot of the best news and reviews are coming from YouTube. One of my favorite personalities is Doug DeMuro. He reviews all the miniscule features that make a car unique—from the climate control knobs to the little noise the car makes when you don’t fasten your seatbelt. It doesn’t sound riveting, but his enthusiasm for these little quirks is contagious.


4. Tell us your favorite destination that you’ve traveled to and why?


Tahiti is the most breathtaking place that I’ve visited. The water looks Photoshopped in pictures, but it really is the most striking shade of turquoise. However, be warned—stay away from sea urchins! I was not given this advice, and removing dozens of poisonous spines from my hand was not the highlight of the trip.


5. Are you reading anything interesting right now? (If not: Are you currently binge watching any shows?)


I’ve been enjoying watching Chef’s Table on Netflix. I’m not much of a cook myself, but I find it really fascinating how each chef’s journey and philosophy is reflected in his or her cuisine. However, I can only watch an episode or two before I get uncontrollably hungry!


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