CK Culture

November 12, 2009

Helping Customers Tell Their Stories


A few months ago, CooperKatz led a Polar social media project dubbed the Polar “Journey to Wow!” contest. The contest lived on Polar USA’s Facebook page but we also tapped into their growing Twitter following as a way to connect with “Non-Facebookers” – Yes, it’s true, some people still do not use Facebook. Via status updates, a few tweets and private messages, we called on Polar users to share their personal stories with us…and share they did! I was amazed by the intensity of the stories and the explosion of emotions many revealed. And no matter how diverse their goals and stories were, Polar was always a part of the equation. I can go on for days discussing the stories, but that doesn’t really work for a blog post. Besides, you can still read many of the stories for yourself on the PolarUSA Facebook page or check out the amazing coverage of Isidro Alba, featured in his local paper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


I always knew that Polar products help people reach their fitness goals (that’s one of the reasons I so enjoy being on the account). But after reading these raw, extremely intimate stories, it reminded me just how rewarding it is to support a client whose products can have such a transformational impact on people’s lives. And the fact that Polar invests in social media and is constantly looking for new ways to connect to customers – trust me, I’ve been in all of the brainstorms – says a lot about them as a company. I’m extremely thankful to be part of a team that not only understands the importance of social media as a way to keep in touch with customers but as platform for customers to connect with one another – and ultimately, to be able to celebrate personal accomplishments long after they purchase the product.

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