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May 17, 2011

“Home Alone” House Hits the Market

Jessica Chen

Coldwell Banker Real Estate, the oldest national real estate brand in the United States with a network of nearly 90,000 sales agents working in approximately 3,300 global offices, is known for some of its spectacular home listings. Recently, CooperKatz partnered with the Chicago office, its marketing team and the national brand team to publicize a truly iconic property – the home which played a “starring role” in beloved holiday movie, “Home Alone.”


The three-storied 1920s Georgian mansion, located in the Winnetka suburb of Chicago, is a major player in the John Hughes 1990 hit comedy. The film centers on a boy stranded alone over the holidays (played by breakout star Macaulay Culkin), who must protect his home from two would-be criminals. Throughout the film, the “Home Alone” house is more than a backdrop; it essentially becomes an additional character.


The main goal for the initiative was to raise awareness around the listing through word of mouth and media coverage, all while driving traffic to the “Home Alone” house microsite. CooperKatz seeded this hugely buzz-worthy story to many top-tier outlets and blogs. With the combined efforts of CooperKatz and Coldwell Banker, more than 200 print and online placements were secured including The Wall Street Journal, TMZ, CNN, Reuters, E! Online and Entertainment Weekly. The home was also featured on “The TODAY Show,” “The View” and “FOX & Friends,” among over 350 other broadcast segments. To top it off, the story ran on the homepages of AOL, MSNBC and Yahoo!



The YouTube video showcasing the home has received more than 65,000 views to date. Additionally, the initiative has sent 300,000-plus visitors to, with numbers continuing to rise as more people click over to get a closer look at this world-famous residence.


So if you’ve ever dreamed of setting up paint can booby traps to deter burglars, take out your check book – because this legendary home could be yours for $2.4 million.


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