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October 29, 2014

I’m a PR Dad


Marcus Hardy describes what CK’s family / life friendly culture means to him and his family.

“Aren’t you nervous about how you’re going to balance it all – I mean, your boss cares a lot about you being present in the evening and stuff, right?”

“You’ve got to be thinking about how hard it’s going to be doing this and working in New York, aren’t you?”

“Wow – how are you going to make it all work out?”

When my wife, Erica, became pregnant in 2012 – just months after I began my public relations career at CooperKatz – I got more than a few of these types of questions from people. All were well meaning of course, and I am sure they were more tactful and congratulatory than the archetypical examples above. The interesting thing is that to each of them, the response was similar:

“We are not worried – it’s going to be fine. We’re in the right place – I work at the right place.”

There are any number of life decisions and social pathways people embark on these days, and each has its advantages, adventures and points to admire. For Erica and me, the desire to become parents was paramount. Before I started at CooperKatz, we knew we wanted to grow our family, and probably sooner rather than later.

When I interned at CooperKatz in the summer of 2011, it was apparent that the company was committed to making family life possible alongside rigorous professional life.

It was an honest, and celebrated, fact that many of my coworkers at CooperKatz arranged and exercised flexible hours and balanced work schedules. More importantly, there was a deep, cultural acceptance and understanding of minding personal and family needs alongside work.

People took care of each other to make sure it always worked out.

This rare and impressive culture was a big part of why Erica and I agreed to uproot our family and move across the country for my job at CK. It was an absolute fit for what we wanted out of life.

Fast-forward a few years and “what we wanted out of life” has played out magnificently. Our son, Chase, is just over two years old. He’s the hilarious, energetic and endearingly annoying center of our lives.

Erica spent two years at a prestigious Suzuki Cello Teacher Training Program in Manhattan, and after juggling Chase between us – sometimes almost literally – to see her continued education through, she is now working at two great music schools.

Meanwhile, I have enjoyed a great, cornerstone PR experience at CooperKatz, and have been able to encounter all manner of stimulating professional opportunities in a few short years. (Writing and on-site production work at what is arguably the most important marketing event in the United States, anyone?)

I recently started a schedule in which I begin work on Friday early in the morning, and leave earlier to help support Erica’s career. Friday afternoons are now daddy-son time – brought to us by CooperKatz. And I have quickly grown to treasure them!

I and my family are extremely grateful – and vocal – about the terrific impact the “work and family culture” at CooperKatz has had on our personal and professional lives.

It has allowed me to be a PR pro – and a Dad. And I love doing both jobs.

“Life is good if we live in such a way to make it so.”

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