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June 15, 2017

Is Agency Tenure the Norm? To Us It Is

Katy Hendricks

In an industry plagued by high turnover rates, Manager of Client Services, Katy Hendricks, reveals why CooperKatz has been able to buck the norm.



In agency life, it is nearly unheard of to spend 10 or 20 years with a company. “Jump around,” they say. “You’ll make more money,” some warn. I have heard this advice in bits in pieces throughout the years and watched friends move from agency to agency, trying to climb the ladder. Some have been successful, others burned out early, and many gave up agency life altogether.


Among my peers, I am an anomaly. I’m coming up 10 years with the agency, which means that yes, I am still with the same job I had when I graduated. In some cases, I am even still working on the same clients (I’m looking at you Coldwell Banker.) But the beauty of CooperKatz is that they have allowed me to grow. They also allowed me to move – 1,136 miles to Tampa, Florida in fact. So for that, I am eternally grateful.


What’s interesting about our agency is that longevity is the norm. The members of our leadership and management teams have all been at CooperKatz for an average of 11 years. That’s not even including our Principal and CEO, who have been with the agency since it was founded in 1996.


So why have we stayed? Earlier today, Rachael Adler, EVP of client services and business development commented that we are a culture-first company. This, I can attest, is absolutely true. It’s in our DNA – it defines how we communicate with each other and our clients.


And I would add another word to that. Quality. We really, truly enjoy working together. And when you have a collaborative environment, you just get better work. Plain and simple.


In the spirit of collaboration, I am passing it off to four of my colleagues to express in their own words why they stayed. In the meantime, if you want to join our team, contact us here.


Meredith Topalanchik, EVP of Operations and Client Services (Celebrating 12 years)

The people and the space to grow. I’m an example of team member who left, then came back, and I made that decision because I saw the opportunity to pave my own path. Because of that I now have a multifaceted role where I work with clients and the staff. It also shouldn’t be undervalued how important it is to work with people you like! Every day I laugh and feel supported and -yes -we also do a lot of hugging.


Rachael Adler, EVP of Business Development and Client Services (Celebrating 15 years)

In my 15 years at CooperKatz, I’ve had the pleasure of working on a wide-range of clients from healthcare to financial services to children’s clothing to management consulting. These varied opportunities have allowed me to continually grow and learn. Whether it’s providing strategic counsel to senior client leaders, creating our volunteer policy, or brainstorming new business opportunities, I’m always faced with new challenges and encouraged to take risks. I love that my voice is always heard and my opinions matter. I’m personally invested in our success and recognize that we have created a special work environment that fosters true collaboration and friendship. And most importantly, CooperKatz allows me time-away to be a hands-on mom to my amazing three kids. I am really able to have the best of both worlds!


Kathleen Reynolds, Director of Client Services (Celebrating 14 years)

My “typical day” has been thrilling, challenging and rewarding. A “typical day’ here has included:

  • Passing the motorcycle permit test for our work with an iconic motor scooter
  • Doing a local TV interview at 5:45 a.m. on the day of a client’s concert when our spokesperson was too tired to show up
  • Writing a byline the day (and night) after the State of the Union address that was eventually published in a top-tier newsmagazine
  • Directing Sir Richard Branson through a moving press conference confidently (on the outside) as a 24-year old
  • Conducting a group of insurance commissioners in a fight song that our co-founder Andy Cooper penned
  • Boning up on totally new subject matter areas and finding connections to previous experiences and ideas
  • Having my hands in all kinds of strategic discussions about the way healthcare is and will be delivered in our country
  • (Respectfully!) grilling physicians, scientists, financiers or marketers in a custom media training session
  • Showering my colleagues with love during some of our biggest outside-of-work milestones


Jason Wallace, SVP and Creative Director (Celebrating 16 Years)

When I started at CooperKatz in 2000, there were only around 15 employees working here. I was coming from a company in the Midwest that had about 150 employees so needless to say the differences were vast.

I instantly bonded with Andy and Ralph, as well as the rest of the staff, but I immediately noticed that nobody was eating lunch together. I found it peculiar so I took it upon myself to change it, and I did! From that point on, a contingent of the office always tried to sit and bond over lunch.

Between the annual holiday party with spouses and summer picnics with our families, CooperKatz is devoted to providing opportunities for employees to bond in-and-out of the workplace. And that is the reason that I built my career here.

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