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October 15, 2013

Meet Noelle Bradley and Sasha Mirpuri, CK’s Fall Interns


This fall, CooperKatz has two interns: Noelle Bradley, a junior at Columbia University, and Sasha Mirpuri, a senior at Hofstra University. Learn about what they’re studying, their favorite websites and more in our latest blog post.

Noelle Bradley

– Columbia University, Class of 2015

– Major / Minor: American Studies / English and Comparative Literature

The best class that I’ve taken at Columbia University so far was Mass Media and American Democracy, because it critically analyzed the relationship between all branches of the American government and media professionals. In class we were constantly asked to consider the question, “What makes a story newsworthy?” In attempting to answer this question, I became more interested in learning about public relations.

My favorite website would have to be It is a quintessential millennial website in that it features news stories, tons of lists and it also encourages users to interact with the content and each other.

I’m interning at CooperKatz because I wanted the opportunity to work in an environment where I am encouraged to be creative and ask questions. Since starting my internship, I’ve enjoyed learning more about public relations, brainstorming and how to set—and reach—goals.

Sasha Mirpuri

– Hofstra University, Class of 2014

– Major / Minor: Public Relations with minors in Psychology and Media Studies

The best class I’ve taken at Hofstra so far is Public Relations Tools because I enjoy working with digital programs like iMovie and InDesign. My favorite projects include creating a PSA to promote gay rights and developing a newsletter for a non-profit organization. It was definitely the most interactive class I have taken.

My favorite website is It allows me to pull up the top 100 easy tabs to play on my guitar in my spare time – not that I have any!

I am interning at CooperKatz to learn. I think the best way to truly understand public relations is by practicing it. At CK, I am challenged to step out of my comfort zone and that is exactly what I was looking for. My experience outside the classroom has enabled me to learn what aspects of PR I enjoy the most while working in a team-oriented setting, which is very important to me.

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