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October 5, 2016

Meet the CooperKatz Fall Intern: Vivien Li


Vivien Li, a senior at New York University, is interning at CooperKatz this fall! Learn about the favorite course she’s taken in school, why she’s spent more than half of her college years studying away at different NYU campuses (she loves to travel!) and more in our latest blog post.


Vivien Li

New York University, Class of 2017 (graduating in January)


What do you study?

Media, Culture and Communication


What is the best class you’ve ever taken, and why did you love it?

Data and The Self – this is actually the senior media seminar class I’m taking this fall semester, and so far I’ve enjoyed every reading assigned and the areas we focus on for this class. Topics range from diary-keeping, Freud’s dream analysis and interpretation to polling, e-commerce websites, social media, and fitness tracking. Every now and then, we hear and talk about “big data,” the potential uses it has and its impact on us. What’s fascinating about this course is that it lays out how this concept of self-tracking has developed and evolved since ancient civilizations like the Greeks. The course really helps me reflect on my own behavior and thoughts on self-tracking, and look at the data available to me in a new perspective.


Why did you decide to intern in the PR industry?

I’ve always wanted to learn more about PR as I hope to pursue a career that’s media and communications-related. Since I interned at the US Department of Commerce and worked closely with its Press Team, I wanted to gain deeper knowledge in PR as it’s a set of skills that are applicable and important to every company across all industries.


What are you liking best about CooperKatz?

The team here at CooperKatz is definitely what makes this company unique. From the beginning (aka the interview process), I felt the passion and energy from the people I came in contact with at CooperKatz. It’s a bit hard to describe, but even when I was only speaking with the account teams via phone calls and Skype interviews, I had a feeling that I would really learn a lot and enjoy working with them all. And yes, after a few weeks here, I can say everyone here is amazing – super-welcoming, helping one another and giving their best to their clients.


What are your plans after graduation?


I’m still figuring it out—as of now, I’m open to different kinds of jobs (perhaps starting with the ones that are media and/or communications-related) in New York City because this is where my heart belongs! Wherever I go, I hope to grow with that company.


Any fun facts about yourself that you’d like to share?

I spent more than half of my college years studying away at different NYU campuses (4 out of 7 semesters) in London, Washington D.C. and Prague because I love traveling, learning about various cultures and history and meeting different people. While I didn’t have a chance to explore the main campus as much, I hope to make up for it after I graduate (when I find a job here).


If you could have dinner with anyone (living or not), who would you have dinner with and why?

I’d love to dine with Emma Watson, as she’s been a role model for me since childhood. Since watching her as Hermione to a model for Burberry, Brown University alum and now a UN Ambassador, I really admire her versatility, confidence and determination to stand up for what she believes in and make an impact to the society. She truly embodies Hermione in real life. It’d be quite an inspirational and “magical” evening!

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