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June 1, 2016

PR: In the Office and On the Road

Rebecca Pineiro

PR can mean Public Relations, but it can also stand for Personal Record, or your best running time in a particular race. This Global Running Day (June 1), we checked in with some of our CooperKatz runners to learn about what running means to them and it how impacts their everyday lives.


Today is Global Running Day, a day for people around the world to celebrate the joys of running and to share their passion for the sport.


In 2015, researchers found that people who jog or run one to two times per week had a lower risk of cancers, stroke and cardiovascular disease than those who did less or not at all. While running can improve your physical fitness, it can also work wonders for your mental and emotional fitness as well! Specifically, running regularly has been shown to prevent cognitive decline, reduce anxiety, boost productivity and creativity, enhance self-esteem, improve your mood and give you a good night’s sleep – all things we need with the hustle and bustle of life!


I’m fortunate to work at CooperKatz, a company that places a high emphasis on employee wellbeing and health through initiatives organized by our internal wellness team. I also am able to share my passion for running with many of my colleagues. Below we shared what we love about running and how it improves our daily lives. We hope it inspires you to grab your sneaks and head out for a run today!


Gabriella Miranda, Senior Account Executive

  • Favorite place to run? Anywhere along the water. I grew up in Long Island running along the South Shore beaches.
  • Most memorable race? The 2014 New York City Marathon. With two million spectators lining the streets, screaming your name – NYC is a marathon all runners should experience!
  • How has running kept your mind sharp on and off of the streets? Some of my best and most creative thinking happens during long runs. Running has always allowed me to clear my mind and return to the day refreshed and ready to tackle anything.


Dorothy Sonnenburg, Chief Financial Officer

  • Favorite place to run? I’m so fortunate in that my hometown has some gorgeous running spots, for example the Croton Dam and along the surrounding trails.
  • Most memorable race? My very first sprint triathlon. I competed just 8 days after a serious road bike training crash landed me in the emergency room. I could barely walk, let alone swim, bike and run, in the days following the crash, but I recovered quickly and exceeded my expectations. Crossing the finish line felt unbelievable!
  • How have the lessons learned on your runs translated into your day-to-day work? To persevere and never give up. When things are tough and the desire to quit starts to take over, I dig deep and keep on going.


Ben Murray, Senior Account Executive

  • Favorite place to run? I have two: one is the six-mile loop in Central Park and the other is a path through the woods in my hometown of Ridgefield, CT called The Rail Trail.
  • Most memorable race? My most memorable race to date was the 2015 Brooklyn Half Marathon. It was my first half marathon, and I was really nervous! But when I made it to the finish line and was greeted by friends, family and a giant beer, it was a truly amazing feeling!
  • What motivated you to start running? A few years ago, my sister, a couple of friends and some colleagues started getting into long-distance running. I went to watch and support them at a few races, and it was always such an amazing, emotionally intense experience. I knew I had to be part of it!


Laura Vinci, Senior Account Executive

  • Favorite place to run? Shore Road in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
  • Most memorable race? CooperKatz annually celebrates the American Brain Tumor Association’s Breakthrough for Brain Tumors 5K. It’s a wonderful fundraiser that we do together as a company and the proceeds go to an organization that is close to us.
  • How has running kept your mind sharp on and off of the streets? I get my best ideas when I’m running. It’s the only time of day when I am completely free of distractions – it’s just my music and me! I’m able to really zero in my thoughts and devote truly, undivided attention to whatever’s on my mind.


Rebecca Pineiro, Account Executive

  • Favorite place to run? In my own backyard! My neighborhood in Queens is ideal for road running; it’s calm, hilly and I love that my home can be the start and finish line!
  • Most memorable race? I ran the 2016 Brooklyn Half Marathon in May and it was truly exhilarating. I was able to shave 20 minutes off of my first half marathon time, plus the finish line is on the boardwalk at Coney Island! So cool!
  • What is the greatest lesson running has taught you about work and life? The importance of setting goals, good preparation and building the confidence to crush those goals.


So what will our CooperKatz running crew be doing this Global Running Day?


Gabriella: I’ll be in New Hampshire, so I’m looking forward to celebrating by running on some new grounds.


Dorothy: Grabbing a buddy and going for a run!


Ben: I will be getting ready to travel to San Diego for my first-ever full marathon!


Laura: I’m looking forward to a pre-work run on the South Street Seaport.


Rebecca: Running a 5K event hosted by the New York Road Runners in Astoria Park!

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