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April 3, 2017

Read This Before Your Next Business Trip

Dianne Carilli

Traveling for business can be a real hastle. Luckily, Manager of Client Services, Dianne Carilli, is here to help. She rounded up the best travel tips from around the office.


Travel for work is sometimes exciting and glamorous. For example, taking a helicopter ride over the forest in Indonesia to learn about sustainable tree farming.


More often though, travel for business means several hours on a plane or train followed by a long day of meetings in a boardroom, miles traveled navigating around a conference center, late night dinner meetings and finally crashing at the hotel — as long as there is not more work to be done catching up from the day!


With all of our travels, we’ve learned a few tricks over the years to make business travel smooth, easy and successful — and sometimes even enjoyable.


Here are the top tips from our jet-setting CooperKatz team to read before your spring travels:


“I put my credit card, driver’s license and cell phone in my jacket pocket before leaving the house so that I don’t have to open my bag or purse while at the airport. It speeds up everything from going through security to picking up snacks!


Also, when I’m at a major conference or event and there is food — I make sure to eat! This one sounds dramatic but the past two years at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) I’ve always had at least one meal interrupted where I need to leave the restaurant to take care of something. I’m always relieved that I ate breakfast!” — Rachel Braude, Senior Account Supervisor


“I’ve replicated all my toiletries for business travel in smaller sizes so it’s basically grab and go. I also carry a catch-all pouch made of recyclable materials for all the little things I need on the plane/ on the road: ear plugs, extra USB drives, a few key adaptor plugs, Halls throat drops, Kleenex pack, Day-Quil and Night-Quil tablets, etc.


My savior for flying while sick are special ear plugs called Ear Planes. They are designed to help regulate the pressure when taking off or landing. This has saved me when I am flying with a cold (prevents damage to your ear drums).” — Anne Green, President and CEO


“Pick one base color, such as black and navy, and build your wardrobe from there. I have a pair of black pencil pants that go with everything. I throw in black ballet flats, a neutral handbag and then colorful silk tops that can go day to night. The key to packing well is certainly not packing more; its minimalism at its finest.” — Katy Hendricks, Manger, Client Services


“I save luxury beauty samples from places like Sephora and pack them for business trips — they are the perfect amount for one or two nights away and then I have less to take home with me. Having nice products for a mini-spa treatment helps me relax and recharge after a long day of meetings. Also, I pack my outfits in separate reusable plastic bags to keep my suitcase organized and protect my clothes from potential leaks or spills.” — Dianne Carilli, Manager, Client Services


“I download everything I need for a business trip onto my laptop the night before a trip. This includes work I need to finish — but I also make sure to have music to listen to on the plane.” — Rachael Adler, Executive Vice President


“My pre-trip protocol includes stopping at the airport convenience store to pick up a bottle of water, a snack, one business magazine, one lifestyle-interest magazine and one gossip magazine. That way even if we are delayed a bit I am set with food and entertainment.” — Meredith Topalanchik, Executive Vice President

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