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March 23, 2016

The Power of the Pet

Meredith Topalanchik

In celebration of National Puppy Day on March 23, SVP and Director, Client Services Meredith Topalanchik discusses her experience working with pet companies throughout her career and why it is beneficial for brands to utilize the “power of pets” to connect with consumers.


On an average week, I share anywhere between three to five animal-related videos or pictures on my social channels. Truth be told, some may consider me a bit more on the “obsessed” side of the pendulum, but I am just your average pet parent. In fact, I am completely unashamed to admit that my cat Sprinky is part of my family, and life just wouldn’t be the same without her.


When you look at the explosion of the pet industry in recent years, it’s clear that I’m not alone. Many of my friends, even ones that don’t have pets, enjoy indulging in light and fluffy posts amidst the many heavy global topics that stream through our feeds every day. Pets are a part of our homes and our families. According to the ASPCA, approximately 37-47% of all households in the United States have a dog and 30-37% have a cat.


While pets are certainly a personal passion for me, they are also a professional one. From the moment that I helped corral half a dozen famous pooches for an event launching Fisher Price’s Rocket the Wonder Dog, to the nearly seven years working with, animals have been part of my career. It fills me with pride that just last month our client Coldwell Banker renewed its Homes for Dogs Project with, after finding homes for more than 20,000 dogs in 2015.


Our agency friends at Siltanen and Partners, the agency that created Coldwell Banker’s successful Home’s Best Friend commercial spot last year, reflected on this marketing & PR phenomenon in a post called The Power of the Pup. I’d like to build off this and call it “The Power of the Pet.” Because so many of us feel like our pets are a part of the family, we are attracted to stories that reflect our lives. It’s not just pups, it is cats, guinea pigs and bunnies, birds and even pigs that make a powerful impact on all us.


As more companies tap into the connection humans have with their pets, they’ll see a stronger relationship with their customers. Because we – as humans – are drawn to groups that share our passion and great loves in life. And what’s not to love about our pets?


So today, on National Puppy Day, I challenge you to look at the hundreds of puppy pictures filling your newsfeed and try to pretend they don’t make you a little bit happier. I’ll also challenge you to try and forget which brands love puppies as much as you do.


Happy National Puppy Day from everyone at CooperKatz – and all our cats, guinea pigs and bunnies.

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