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February 8, 2011

Training Pets and Saving Lives


According to a survey conducted by, the largest online database of adoptable pets, approximately 84 percent of animal shelters and rescue groups see family pets returned to them because of behavioral issues that could have been resolved with the proper training and resources. Sadly, these adoptable pets almost always have a harder time finding forever homes because their behavior problems were left untreated. In celebration of National Train Your Dog Month, partnered with Andrea Arden from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) to launch Train FurKeeps, a program designed to teach families easy training techniques and ultimately decrease the number of pets relinquished to shelters.


To support in this initiative to help pets and families develop long-lasting relationships, CooperKatz scheduled a media day to introduce Train FurKeeps to editors at a number of top media outlets. On a cold and snowy NYC day last week – and with an eight-week old, adoptable Pit Bull-mix puppy leading the way – these members of the media got to see and practice easy training tricks first-hand!


The puppy, in her pretty pink fleece jacket, was of course “ooohed” and “awwed” over by all. But most importantly, she helped demonstrate just how easy it is to start training your adopted pet. With the proper training, thousands of homeless animals could find a loving and permanent home, and families, a healthy and devoted pet. We know our message was received when immediately following a visit to Kiwi Magazine, writer Amy Beal enthusiastically blogged about the Train FurKeeps mission, urging anyone either considering or currently caring for a pet to visit the Petfinder website for more information on the program. You can read her post here.


Petfinder kicked off the initiative with two live “Ask the Experts” Facebook Q and A sessions with top certified dog and cat trainers. Combined, the sessions drew in well over 300 questions and comments and provided pet parents with countless training tips and suggestions. Families could also visit to watch informative training videos and learn about the top training tips every pet parent should know.


So far, Train FurKeeps has been a great success in educating and spreading awareness about the importance of training. It is absolutely crucial to building a happy, healthy relationship. With a little patience and a lot of love, a few simple tricks can go a long way!


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