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February 19, 2016

What PR Professionals Can Learn from DJ Khaled


Everyone’s talking about Snapchat’s latest superstar, DJ Khaled and his motivational snap chats that have landed him instant fame. However, it’s his brilliant marketing tactics that can teach PR professionals a few valuable industry lessons.


Even if you’re not a social media crazed millennial or an avid hip-hop enthusiast, you may still have heard about Snapchat’s man of the hour, DJ Khaled – a record producer, radio personality, DJ and record label executive whose “motivational” Snapchat Stories have moved him into the limelight.


While Snapchat was the perfect platform for DJ Khaled to elevate his success, it’s his brilliant marketing techniques on Snapchat that have created a massive following and won him major media attention.


Here are three things PR professionals can learn from DJ Khaled:


Craft a Genuine Story


DJ Khaled takes his Snapchat fans on a journey through his day. We watch him do the same mundane things we experience in our daily lives – paying for a Big Mac at McDonalds, watering flowers, and exercising on his elliptical. But what makes DJ Khaled special is the way in which he compellingly performs these ordinary tasks – sharing motivational words with the hopes of inspiring his viewers.


In PR, if you think your brand is getting stale, find a way to make it interesting. Rethink your strategy by discovering what your brand is doing that sets it apart from its competitors. Whether it’s serving up data through a consumer survey or connecting your story to a recent happening in pop culture, it’s crucial to highlight brand insights in a unique way that will catch the media’s attention.


Be your Brand’s Biggest Fan


DJ Khaled’s Brand, “We The Best” is not only the name of his record label, but it also symbolizes the blood, sweat, and tears he has invested into his career over the past two decades. Every time he speaks about his brand, he reveals the sacrifices he made to avoid the infamous “they” from trying to knock him down.


As a PR professional, getting audiences to talk about your brand or products begins with believing in the brand yourself. By presenting your brand to reporters in a genuine and heartfelt way, they will trust you and may be more inclined to write about your company. It is important that reporters understand that you’re not just a supplier of information, but an avid, knowledgeable supporter of the organization you’re representing.


Maintain a Consistent Message


DJ Khaled has one voice. That voice is of a dedicated record producer who has overcome many obstacles to reach his ultimate goal – a mission that no one can question. His message is always the same, and his catchphrases like “Bless up”, “Major key” and “Stay away from they” are a mantra for his loyal fan base.


When speaking to the media about your brand, it is imperative that your key messaging remains consistent and you stay true to your brand’s mission. Deviating from the strategic objectives of your brand undermines all of the work your company has done to become a credible organization.


If DJ Khaled could give PR professionals one piece of advice, he would most likely say, “Standing behind your brand and becoming a powerful storyteller is a #majorkey to success.”

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