CK Culture

November 12, 2009

What Really Matters

Ralph Katz

From time to time I am copied on nice notes from clients following a great hit or the execution of a successful event. Recently, however, I was cc’d on one of the most satisfying thank you notes I have ever seen. It was from our client to the CooperKatz director on the account. What made this thank you extra special was that it was not connected with a specific spectacular result. Rather, it was an out-of-the-blue note about the team of people we have assembled to work with her.


Without including clues to the specific client, let me reproduce a portion of this short, delightful note:

I’ve found myself thinking about how much I enjoy working with you and your team a lot lately. I really appreciate your ability to jump in and add value to all the opportunities that come our way, your focus on results, ability to partner well, your enthusiasm for the business, great organization skills and I just like working with you and the team you have on the account.
Thanks again for all your hard work and in general making my life better! Working with great people is one of things I enjoy most about my job.
Over my many years in the public relations business (and this applies to business in general), I have always believed that it is the quality of the people, their commitment to teamwork, and how they interact with and service their clients that in the long run defines their professional success and their personal job satisfaction.
So think about it. Using a tried and true brainstorming technique, let’s imagine that receiving the client note above represents our industry’s “ideal result.” Given that, how should you behave and interact daily with your clients, colleagues and other associates, such as members of the media, to earn this kind of terrific, spontaneous feedback?

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